Belo Cipriani with his guide dog Oslo
Best Disability Advocate 2015 - Belo Cipriani



Belo Cipriani is a best-selling and award-winning (Huffington Post Agent of Change) author, as well as a prize-winning journalist, recognized for his contributions to the advocacy, employment diversity, and disability fields. He is an internationally published journalist with over 50 million page views for articles featured in Business Insider,, and The San Francisco Chronicle, among others. He has also served as a diversity and recruiting consultant for Fortune 100 companies including Apple, Google, Toyota, and Wells Fargo, among others.

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Guide Dogs for the Blind Video with Belo Cipriani


Belo Cipriani in Project Blaid - The Toyota Effect - Toyota

Belo Cipriani in Project BLAID (Visual Aide) | Toyota

You can also watch this video without the Visual Aide voice over.
Students from the Peace and Justice Club at Holy Names University

Help Send HNU Students on a Historic Civil Rights Trip

Nearsighted welcomes Javier De Paz, Assistant Director at the Center for Social Justice and Civic Engagement at Holy Names University. I asked him a few questions about the current fundraiser that’s happening to help send a group of HNU students to Alabama to visit several historic civil rights sites this November.