Midday Dreams by Belo Cipriani - Book Cover


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Belo Cipriani (Blind: A Memoir) returns with a magical short story that whisks readers away to another time, another place. 

In the lyrical Midday Dreams, Cipriani takes his readers to a lush, tropical island that isn’t the paradise it might appear to be. There, the devout Izabel learns to open her heart to those who don’t live and believe as she does. 

Infused with prophetic dreams and magical realism, Midday Dreams will surely find its way into your heart.

What Readers are saying about Midday Dreams

“What a nice short story! A change of heart with a brother is the ultimate with Izabel judging her brother. This is a tropical location story told in hard cold poverty with todays predjudice. Short and sweet and full of love and hope. A quick read that is delightful.”
-Betty Yoder

“This was a real surprise and an awesome read. The characters really came alive for me and left me wanting more. The descriptions of the Sao Miguel Island makes me want to visit the Azores soon. Izabel is pioneering and strong woman who puts her family’s needs above her personal beliefs.”

“What I really liked about this story was the fact that this family didn’t give up and fall apart during the difficult times. Family was revered as something very special and when bad things happened, forgiveness was found. I would have loved for the story to continue to see it unfold.”
-T. Thompson