Learn About Aguilas San Francisco’s HIV Prevention Service El Ambiente

You might have seen them pass out brochures at venues like Club Papi and Pan Dulce (Thursday night at the Café in the Castro District), or coach patrons on safe sex practices during San Francisco Pride. Wherever gay and bisexual Latinos gather, Aguilas (Eagles) will make a cameo and spread their message of safe sex through their self-empowerment counseling model.  Read More


When I became blind one of the groups of people I struggled with the most was not children but the Latino community. They were polite while speaking English at bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, but as soon as I began to speak in Spanish, they would flock to my side to share remedies that could possibly get me my sight back. Some involved prayer while other antidotes were radical dietary regimens such as drinking horse radish tea for one year or eating five carrots everyday. Read More