Downward Facing Dog

I arrived at the Yoga studio where I was welcomed by serene music, possibly Enya, and asked the room, “Where do I sign up?” A calm voice answered, “Hi there, I’m so happy you’re here. Will your dog be showing you the movements?” Assuming the woman was joking, I replied, “Absolutely! Her favorite pose is the downward facing dog.” I chuckled and was startled when I heard the same woman cry, “Wow, that is great that she can do that for you.” Before I could think of anything to say I heard the woman shout, “Tammy, come see this guide dog do Yoga.” I announced to the room I was joking, but felt awkward when no one acknowledged my words; letting me know the woman had walked away, and left me alone. .

Occasionally, I run into people who take anything I say too seriously. I think that it is hard for some to picture the blind being comical, sexy, or fun. Madge and I left the Yoga studio and walked down the street. I told Madge, “There is another yoga place down the street; hopefully, they are a bunch of sillies – just like us.”

***Belo Cipriani is a freelance writer, speaker, and the author of Blind: A Memoir. Learn more at
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Belo Cipriani is the award-winning author of Blind: A Memoir and Midday Dreams. He is a disability advocate, a spokesman for Guide Dogs for the Blind, and is currently the national spokesman for 100 Percent Wine -- a premium winery that donates 100 percent of proceeds to nonprofits that help people with disabilities find work.

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  1. Hi Belo,

    There’s a great yoga class at Piedmont Yoga Studio specifically for people with disabilities. The class is on Thursday and Saturday at 3 pm. It’s filled with a bunch of sillies! Email me if you want more information.


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