Traveling with a Disability: The Applause

I buckled my seatbelt and reached toward the floor to caress Madge’s velvety ears. The flight attendants began to voice the emergency exits and I could feel the plane slightly glide up and down, reminding me we were actually moving. The ticket agent instantly fell in love with Madge and bumped us up to first class; something I felt a little guilty about accepting, but got over quickly once I rested my tired limbs on the plush seat. Read More

Super Madge

I had been walking for about five minutes up and down the numerous hallways when I heard a man offer me help. I told him where I needed to be and he asked, “No problem! Should I write the directions down for your dog?” A loud laugh tumbled out of my mouth and I realized the stranger was not kidding when he began to talk to Madge, “Ok puppy, just go down this hallway and make a left at the elevator.” Read More